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ECMSDK 2.1 now available

inxire published new version of ECMSDK

We are very proud to announce the release of ECMSDK 2.1. This release includes over 30 bug fixes as well as a number of important product enhancements.

  • Introducing a new Media Driver to store binary streams directly on a File System

  • Performance improvements by introducing new caches and an asynchronous mode for the group index

  • Better support for multi-thread enabled library sessions

  • Added new search macros for array-type attributes

  • The ability to split and execute the installation with different responsibilities

We added some performance improvements to this runtime and development platform, and continued to simplify the installation process with this ECMSDK release.
By introducing a cache for the group memberships and the new asynchronous mode for the group index, the overall system performance will be significantly increased when group hierarchies larger than several hundred thousands are in-place.
The new FileSystemMediaDriver allows you to store unstructured content directly on a local or mounted file system, despite that the content will still be accessible via full-text searches.
Multi-thread enabled library sessions now make it easier for application developers to share a single LibrarySession across multiple threads.

You will find the ECMSDK Standard Edition downloads and latest documentation on

Meet us at the following upcoming events for a live demo of the new ECMSDK 2.1: