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ECMSDK 2.3 now available

inxire published new version of ECMSDK

We are proud to announce the release of ECMSDK 2.3. This release includes several bug fixes as well as a number of product enhancements.

  • Introducing a new type of group called CompositeGroup

  • Enhanced activity framework for improved customization of activity tracking

  • Command-line support for managing ECMSDK Nodes

  • Support multiple software versions against a single schema version

A composite group manages a specific membership set that remains static through the lifetime of the composite group. This is useful in applications that require complex group memberships.

The activity framework data model was expanded to allow finer tracking of information on the activity records, such as the reason for tracking a private record. Also the extensibility APIs were improved for more powerful customizations.

Added ability to start and stop ECMSDK Nodes via the single command-line tool.

Beginning in 2.3 it is no longer required to perform an ECMSDK schema upgrade for every new ECMSDK software version, which simplifies management and administration.

You will find the ECMSDK Standard Edition downloads and latest documentation on